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Dr. Lee
Hyun Kyung

Face to Face Piano Lessons in Hong Kong / Free Trial Class

I am Korean and hold a doctorate degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.

I studied piano at New York University and Catholic University of America, performed worldwide including the Carnegie Hall, taught children, university students and adults, and adjudicated at international piano competitions. I am currently a Head of Jury at the Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition

If you are serious about your piano skills and want to learn to play piano well, book a free trial class to see how I can bring your piano technique, musicality and piano performance skills to a higher level.

Face to Face Piano Classes

You may currently learn piano with me Face to Face in Hong Kong, Central.

I may also offer Piano Master Classes or Special Classes at your location upon request

Online Piano Classes

You may take an online piano class regardless of where you live.
Are online piano classes good ?
Try one piano class online with me and you will see immediate improvement in your technique and skills.

Special Piano Classes

You may already have a regular piano teacher. It is common for students to have one regular piano teacher and take extra lessons with other piano teachers from time to time in order to expand their horizons.

Piano Foundations

Admit it or not, if you are a beginner or an advanced pianist, you will often find some shortcomings in your piano foundations. There are numerous reasons for that but most importantly, it is still possible to fix it as long as you are aware of that.


Piano Competition, piano exams and piano auditions require not only preparation but also a proper strategy on piece selecting and other aspects. Learn not only how but what to prepare. Many artists make wrong repertoire choices all the time.

Piano Technique

Different pieces require different technique. Piano Technique will be different when when playing Chopin or Liszt. Although we all know it and read books about it, many pianists still struggle with advanced technique on individual level.

Piano Performance Skills

Piano Performance embraces a multitude of skills including the ability to appear confident on stage, being able to connect with audience, stage fright management, even covering your mistakes. You need to master them all in order to be a professional pianist.


Musicality is a crucial skill. Piano music relates to all forms of arts including painting literature or landscape. After learning to play a piano piece technically well, a pianist needs to add musicality layer as if adding colors after drawing a sketch.

Music Interpretation

Music is a language and culture of expression. Pianists need to come up with their own creative interpretation of a piano piece. The same piece should sound differently if played by a different pianists or even if played by the same pianist but with a different mood.


Do I offer Free Trial Class ?


Yes, we can schedule a 15 minute free live online trial class or a face to face lesson if you live in Hong Kong. If you like my teaching style, we can then continue with your musical journey on regular basis.


Do I teach Offline and Online?

Yes, I teach face to face and on Zoom.
Depending on your preferences and where you live, we can choose the best option for you.

What level can I teach online?

You can learn with me if you are absolute beginner or an advanced student. You can be 4 years up to 100 years old. You can learn technique, music interpretation, music theory or history. If you need to prepare a certain piece for your exams or performance, I can guide you so that you improve your understanding of the piece and performance skills.


What is my teaching experience

I have taught to students of all ages and levels. I ran my own piano school and currently I am a professor at the university. I have a proven track of students who significantly improved their skills after taking classes with me.



Is learning online as efficient as learning offline?
You can learn as much online as at the face to face class. Good teaching depends on the teacher’s skills, experience and curriculum and and not on the medium of delivering the classes.
What software or hardware is required on student’s side.

All you need as a student is good internet (preferably wifi) a device with a camera such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and a headset with microphone.


Do you offer face to face classes too?

I often travel between Seoul and Hong Kong so I can offer my face to face classes in these two locations. For other locations a special arrangement can be made.


How much is one lesson ?

The price per lesson varies depending on your level and requirements.
We may explore pricing options during our free live online trial class.

What is the payment method?


You may use Paypal, Visa / Master Card or bank transfer.

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